Manya Singh Miss India Runner Up Auto-rickshaw driver daughter

Manya Singh Miss India Runner-Up 2020

I was seeing internet flooded with this Manya Singh Miss India 2020 runner-up position. It is also attached with a statement everywhere (by many in LinkedIn too) that..

“She is the daughter of Auto-rickshaw driver”

Well, if u find it so surprising & touched by, to see someone like that aspired about it & made it. Agreed to the light but please also see this dark side that it’s also a shameful reflection of mentality of almost most of the people, who never respected Auto-rickshaw drivers and carried a Superiority complex among them. [Otherwise Retired Mayor and lot of educated people work as security guards in many nations and can do all kind of works without any hesitation].

The good side of Manya Singh is – it taught many people that anybody can aspire. But the irony is I don’t think people would learn because they are the same people who also post a car pic & write “childhood dream come true”. Incompleteness is deep rooted.

Point is, can society now start respecting people who do any kind of hard jobs (of guards, waiters etc.) ? and can they also start treating them with dignity and respect as equals? When they go to restaurants, malls, can they drop their customer cum superior cum grandeur attitude?

I don’t think they can because then how would they look special? 

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