The Guitarmonk Band performed at Walmart, Gurgaon. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation, operates a chain of discount department stores and warehouses across the globe and as per the Fortune Global 500 list, its one of world’s largest company by revenue.

I couldn’t join the event as an artist due to my other engagements but was full part of rehearsal and designed the whole performance concept keeping mandolin, guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and singer to deliver a repertoire of melodies. It was an early morning event so our focus is to to bring out a serene and skilled performance, which will not merely engage but inspire employees. As such we kept wide variety of moods from classical, folk to even western.

We received a great feedback from the employees, who not just enjoyed but celebrated and remained bound to this music for non-stop one hour.

As Guitarmonk, we have done hundreds of cultural events at various parts of the country, and is the largest music employee engagement provider in India catering to Radio, Events, Classes, Music Lectures etc inside the company premises. This is our other identity besides the largest chain of guitar schools.

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