Guitarmonk and Kotak Mahindra Bank Tie up

A historical association of #guitarmonk #kotakbank for #guitar #employeeengagement

It included all branches of Delhi-NCR #kotakbank employees, for teaching them guitar inside the bank premises. It was a unique experience for me, as I visited all branches of the bank for the first few session myself, followed later by guitarmonk teachers. I wanted to experience the banking culture. Our each workshop minimum operates for 6 months so its a long run commitment considering different branches everyday at different point of times. We used to enter Bank after 6 pm, seeing the bank employees counting the pile of cash, placed in open, which was a regular sight for me. The another amazing part of these workshops is meeting the bank employees, feeling their tough routines. Most of them were stressed due to heavy work load. The satisfying part is that some of them were able to connect with the relaxing acoustic guitar sound via these guitarmonk workshops. 

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