Ragas on Guitar by Kapil Srivastava Guitarist Guitarmonk

Join the world of Ragas on Guitar – From WESTERN to RAGIC GUITARIST – BACK to the FUTURE

Through RAGAS knowledge, you can perform 100s of unique beautiful RAGA melodies on your Guitar as a SOLO GUITARIST.

🎸RAAG is a Music Style that doesn’t need western scales, chords, harmonies at all. It’s an entire new approach to discover the 12 Musical Notes with its own grammar, language, techniques and embellishment.

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☝️ FACT: Approx. 50 crores people play guitar in world today mostly following the western dimension of music, unaware about this undiscovered Indian Raga Genre of solo-lead guitar playing. It offers very different flavoured melodies, styles, played upon traditional percussion of India.

🎸FUTURE SOLO GUITAR GENRE – I was totally surprised when I discovered the huge potential of RAGAS ON GUITAR to entertain for hours and offer a different music to the world guitar fraternity.

🎸SEA OF GENRES – While there are thousands of Ragas, but among the 200 popular, each raga is like a genre, which can be crafted to play plethora of compositions within it. Some ragas are like ocean of genres, having hundreds of compositions within it, with an enormous potential for performances and plethora of possibilities.

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🎸DIMESION OF RHYTHM STYLES – One other dimension is unique rhythm styles/cycles of Indian Music with its amazing moods of 6 beats, 7 beats, 10 beats, 12-14-15- 16 beats etc. named as Rupak, Dadra, Jhap, Keherva, Garba, Ek Taal, Teen Taal etc.

🎸ORIGIN FROM VEDAS – Raga is said to be originated from Ancient Vedas and focus on 9 human emotions. Each raga is fixated to build and express that 1 emotion (which further relates to human health and therapy). Ragas are also based on the time of the day and some ragas are invoked on different seasons of the year, reflecting the ancient spiritual science of unity with nature.

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🎸RAGA GUITARIST – I wrote many fresh compositions as per the anatomy of guitar, which you can hear in my page, evolving this genre further as
Raga Radio Station – https://kapilsrivastava.com/indian-guitar-radio-club/
Heritage-Raga Journey – https://guitarmonk.com/amazing-india-guitar-journey/
And helping students to build their RAGA CONCERT, who want to do solo concert.
Raga Course – https://guitarmonk.com/online/ragadlp/
Raga Sheets – https://www.abysmbooks.com/product-category/ragas/

🎸So far it is explored by students from 40+ countries. My purpose is to use my homework to help sincere students enter into the world of PLAYING RAGAS. With sincerity and focus, you can develop this style to do solo concert for hours, travel and demonstrate this mood. Or meditate for personal self on the therapeutic raga melodies.

🎸So are you willing to taste the flavour of Ragas or want to be the future performers? Or join me in my Amazing India Expedition?

Click to know more >> https://guitarmonk.com/indian-classical-music-ragas/

2 thoughts on “Join the World of RAGAS ON GUITAR – Ancient Eastern Music”

  1. Hlo SIR,
    I already learning tremola picking course from you. Its very good. But in Raagas there are only 1class in a week. Is it sufficient for 1 week practice? In raagas can we learn only raagas or songs also. I want to join your raagas course but little bit confuse regarding only 1 class in a week. How much time you give in your class. Pl guide…

    1. Namaskaram & Thank you Sandeep,

      It’s really beautiful and satisfactory to hear that you loved the tremolo picking course. In the case of ragas, it is much more than a mere technique. Raga is an independent world in itself to discover different kinds of moods. Each session of ragas comprises various topics or lessons in itself. After the initial 7th, 8th session, each next session is focused on playing a new raga composition till the first 2-3 levels. So, a student plays around 20 raga compositions at 1st and then gradually try to improvise upon those compositions by playing Taans, etc.

      More detail you can get in the FAQ section by clicking here: https://guitarmonk.com/online/ragadlp/#faq

      And if you would still be left with any doubt, you can again ask here without any hesitation.

      One class per week.

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