Kapil Srivastava

Artist | Author | ENTREPRENEUR

Kapil Srivastava is a state Awarded Musician & a successful Entrepreneur
Founded India's largest chain of Guitar Schools, Guitarmonk.
Authored several books and conceptualized more than 20 brands.


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Kapil srivastava is a wonderful artist (Composer, Guitarist, Author, Musician) & a successful businessman. His one of the businesses is publishing of books, albums of artistic books and definitive art works. His clients include various MNC, Govt. Banks, Hospitality and Schools etc. www.guitarmonkrecords.com

As a Success – He is honored by all 3 ministries. Covered across global media & labelled as guitarmonk of India. He has conceptualized various Brands in Delhi, Dehradun and across India and bringing up his own autonomous college with UGC. He is a consultant to university and dreams to own one very soon. As an artist, he has performed with Grammy Winners and wrote for Government of India magazines.

Indian guitarists kapil srivastava & grammy winner vishwa mohan bhatt He is also working with Tourism and Cultural ministries for various states and doing a new world record attempt. He also partnered and achieved the Guinness for tallest pyramid cake in Surat in Sept 2016. He has his studios in Delhi and also developing his assets across India in Jaipur, Mumbai, Uttarakhand, Dehradun, Kotdwar, Delhi etc. Spirituality, Simplicity, Social Charity inspires him.

Besides being in Business and research; as a wonderful and blessed artist, he give concerts and compose music. He recently gave one of the compositions to Bollywood Movie – Dubai Returns (Starring Irrfan Khan). In 3 words you can describe him as ‘Self Made Man’. Download Brief Overview


  • Music Composing & Direction
  • Live Performance & Guest Lecturers
  • Write Music Books